Phoebe Sponsored Day Trips


Our Aim

We sponsor mother-child(ren) day trips during summer breaks as part of our support service system. Our aim is simple to give children the opportunity to just be children, while providing the resources for family bonding time between children and their mothers. 

The Need

We identified the need in our community after substantial research which indicated that, children from abusive homes, particularly the eldest, are forced to take on parental responsibilities such as taking care of their siblings, cooking, cleaning when the mother has sustained physical injuries due physical abuse or is undergoing mental health challenges (UNICEF Report, 2019.

In abusive homes, it is not only the women that suffer but the children as well, witnessing the abuse can affect the children’s mental well-being causing them to be withdrawn, anti-social and depressed. Furthermore, there is an intersectionality between domestic or intimate partner abuse and child abuse. Research has shown that child abuse and or neglect occurs in about 30-60% of families where intimate partner violence takes place (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2022).

Our Family Support Workers in interacting with the children who have experienced or witnessed abuse in their homes experience psychological challenges, with the majority of them losing the “child-like” nature and becoming sombre, withdrawn and anti-social.   

The Benefits

  • Cost of roundtrip train fares for the out-of-town day trip; 
  • Supermarket vouchers for fresh and healthy lunch and snacks;
  • engage in safe and child-friendly activities; 
  • explore the various historic sites at Felixstowe and Clacton-on-Sea;
  • an excellent bonding experience for the mother and child without the stress of worrying about the cost of the trip and its activities;
  • acquisition of hands-on, authentic experience which will develop curiosity and interest, leading to a desire to learn more which will contribute to the advancement of the children’s academic or artistic performance;
  • breaking down self-isolation barriers and anti-social behaviour through group activities, games and group discussions on observations about the places they will be visiting; and
  • development of interpersonal skills through interacting with other children which are is important in child development.  

Trip site selection


Felixstowe was the ideal trip destination because has a lot of free activities such as exploring the Coast & Heaths – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which has a stunning landscape full of wildlife-rich estuaries, ancient heaths, it is also rich in history which will provide excellent exposure for the children. Martello Park which is set around the Martello Tower has grassy parks which offer an excellent play and picnic area for the children. In addition, there is the Felixstowe Sea Front Gardens which is a cultural heritage site which provided an opportunity for cultural awareness for the children and learning about Suffolk History and Culture while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

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