Our library

Welcome to our women and children’s library. It’s a lovely place full of wonderful adventures and stories.  We have lots of quiet corners in our gardens and verandah where you can read and enjoy. Our library has thousands of books, fiction and non fiction books, DVDs, romance books, adult adventure and  Cambridge secondary school text books, as well as hundreds of teacher training material.

These photograph shows the inside view of P.H.O.E.B.E Women’s library in Greendale, Harare.

We welcome everyone as follows:

  • babies/toddlers,  pre-school children,  primary school children (age 5-10)
  • “older” children (age 11 – 14), young people, parents and other adults

Browse our library

Here are some of the thousands of books you will find in our library:

Library programs

The Children’s Library regularly offers a wide variety of children’s programs such as a time for puzzles and games, story times for children and toddlers. Additionally, we have an exciting Summer Reading Challenge Program encouraging children to keep reading throughout the summer months with a fun, themed program offering great incentives.

Please follow the links for further information about our activities.

Children’s activities

We have some children’s games, reading challenges and activities offered at our centre. Below follow the links below for the full details.

Grown-up Section

Further information

To join please contact us on whatsapp – 00263 776425038 or 04-492223