Domestic abuse training courses for Social Workers

Phoebe offers specialist domestic violence training to professionals who work with vulnerable women and to social work students at the University of East Anglia and University Campus Suffolk. We have qualified immigration caseworkers and social workers to deliver the training and we also invite experienced and passionate speakers to deliver our training seminars. We are the only organisation delivering domestic violence training in East Anglia! Our course is entitled ‘Nowhere to Run’.

About our domestic violence training

”Domestic Abuse: Preparing Student Social Workers for Practice”

This is a three hour workshop aimed at social work practice educators. It offers best practice guidelines on how to best support and prepare future social workers in identifying domestic abuse and supporting victims and their children effectively. We delivered this domestic abuse training at the University Campus Suffolk.

Ipswich Member of Parliament, Ben Gummer, addressing PHOEBE domestic violence workshop participants. The workshop was held at University Campus Suffolk and attended by 57 people.
Domestic Violence Workshop at UCS. October 2011.

Below are the compliments received for the domestic violence training held at UCS.

“Excellent presentation which evoked lots of discussion.

Provided a specific perspective with cultural/ethnic minority considerations which was excellent.

Good to have handouts to take away.

Enjoyed the speaker who clearly knew their subject and could answer queries.”

Lorraine Willoughby, Workforce Development, Suffolk Social Care Services

“Really interesting. The workshop helped me to understand that ‘domestic violence’ wasn’t a ‘cultural’ act as this is something that is often said so I have learnt this is not true.” Excellent”

Jan Comas Coles – Social Worker and tutor for work based social work students.

“Interactive and interesting – generating discussion. Presented well with handouts to aid supervision, discussion with students.”

Caroline Mortiner, Independent Practice Educator

“Found it very helpful – raised good points to use with students. Increased my awareness and knowledge and recognition that we cant blame it on culture and abuse is abuse, whatever the culture.”

Social Worker, Mental Health, West Suffolk

“The presentation was really interesting and informative. The discussion that occured was also very stimulating. The cultural perspective you were able to bring to the session was valuable.”

Aidan Jaron, Independent Practice Educator